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Schluter Profiles

Schluter is a product designed to take the place of trim tiles like bullnose and quarter round. It is available in many different sizes and shapes. The ones listed below are what we have in stock. Click the button below to see more types of Shluter on the manufacturer's website.

Stock Items (call for current availability)


AE100 Satin Aluminum 3/8"

AE125 Satin Aluminum 1/2"


A100AGSG Black 3/8"

A60ABGB   Brushed Ant. Bronze 1/4"

A100ABGB Brushed Ant. Bronze 3/8"

A125ABGB Brushed Ant. Bronze 1/2"

A60ATGB   Brushed Nickel 1/4"

A100ATGB Brushed Nickel 3/8"

A125ATGB Brushed Nickel 1/2"

A100AT      Satin Nickel 3/8"

A125AT      Satin Nickel 1/2"

AE100        Satin Aluminum 3/8"

A100ACG   Chrome 3/8"

A125ACG   Chrome 1/2"

A60BW      Bright White 1/4"

A100BW    Bright White 3/8"

A125BW    Bright White 1/2"

Special Order Items

We can special order any Shluter products not stocked.

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